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American BioSource began developing indoor used cooking oil collection systems. Today, our ground-breaking systems push beyond industry expectations to exceed customer needs and desires regarding space, volume and features. Every American BioSource collection system offers a reliable, sustainable and safe way to collect and recycle used cooking oil. When we recycle your waste fryer oil together we directly doing are part to help reduce the amount of green house gasses, carbon emissions and other harmful chemicals that are released into the air we all breath.

SOCIAL BENEFITS – At American BioSource we want you our customer, to have greater peace of mind, in that you are helping in the reduction of 78.5% of carbon dioxide emissions by ensuring your waste is used for biodiesel production only.

Our customers have the satisfaction of knowing that their waste is reducing oil imports and pollution, as well as creating local jobs.


A single partner – “one call does it all”, one invoice

Wide selection of containers customized for your needs

Our scheduling service provides for you the least disruption to your business


Customer Service

Nothing can ruin a trusted business relationship faster than poor customer service or substandard products. We realize you have a menu full of service providers to select from, all a call or a click away. To retain our customers’ loyalty, we must provide the most reliable, efficient grease service, the most innovative equipment options, and the most knowledgeable and communicative customer service and sales team in the industry… and continually evaluate and improve to ensure we are delivering on our promises.

Our excellent staff helps us make customer relations our #1 priority.

  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Great Record Keeping
  • Best Response Time in our Business
  • Professional and Reliable Services


We are proud to say that we are a US Veteran owned company!