Denton Biofuels team


At American BioSource, timeless Texas grit meets cutting-edge innovation to create grease disposal solutions for the modern age. We specialize in waste grease containment, collection, transportation, and recycling. Thanks to our partner company, Denton Biofuels, the fats and oils from your favorite food stops are being recycled and repurposed into clean, green, renewable, locally produced biodiesel.


Our Purpose is to Repurpose


From the start, it has been our mission to lead the way in the renewable fuels industry by harnessing advanced science and technology while providing our clients with practical solutions and unparalleled service. It is our extraordinary pride to partner with the food manufacturers, grocers, restaurants, hospitals, and schools in your community to achieve this goal because we believe that working together is the best way to solve any problem.


Based in Denton, Texas, we at American Bio Source also know the importance of being a good neighbor. That’s why we’ve joined forces with the City of Denton to reduce emissions and improve air quality where we live. Through an agreement to produce biodiesel for the City of Denton vehicles and our investment in Denton’s industrial economy, we’re laying out the welcome mat for the newest generation of North Texas residents.


With our feet on the ground and our eyes looking forward, we see a future full of potential. We are up to the trials of today and we are excited for the challenges of tomorrow. It is through demanding work, creative problem-solving, and a spirit of resilience that we will succeed. Together.




Our Story


American Bio Source was founded in 2011 as a grease removal service. By 2013, our focus shifted from the simple collection and transfer of waste grease to the recycling of those fats by rendering them into usable feedstocks for the renewable energy industry through our partner, Denton Biofuels. What began solely as a practical solution to a widespread problem became a multi-faceted answer to a much more complex issue. We went from solving issues of waste management to imagining a world running on renewable energy, and we envisioned our role in that future.


So, in late December of 2013, we secured an agreement to lease property from the City of Denton to restore and renovate the defunct biodiesel plant at the city’s landfill. From that time until now, with an investment of more than one million dollars, we have been modernizing the facility. What was an abandoned factory filled with obsolete equipment is now a regional beacon of ingenuity and modern advancement in the field of biofuel production.


Our facility boasts a three-million-gallon annual production capacity. And we’re not stopping there. Recent equipment acquisitions include machinery to recapture and refine the waste byproducts of our process into reusable materials, so not only are we contributing to a greener future through the mere production of renewable fuel, but we are also ensuring that our process is as efficient and environmentally responsible as possible.


From our newest fleet of vehicles to our methane-powered production facility to our focus on conserving and recycling resources, American BioSource is continually planning for, investing in, striving toward, and championing a cleaner, more sustainable future for us all.


A word from the CEO


We are as much a business as we are a family. When you work with us, you work with a dedicated group of professionals with a passion to help others. Our mission is focused on serving our clients, the community, and the environment. On our team, you will find military veterans, business leaders, engineers, truck drivers, mechanics, software developers, accountants, fabricators/welders, customer service, and support staff. We might be a small growing company, but we have the tools, skills, and ability to take care of business. Our clients partner with us to have the peace of mind that their business will receive reliable service with the benefit of being socially and environmentally responsible.


As we grow, we have found others who share our vision and want to follow the same path of service. Today we are made up of three companies that provide complimentary services. American Bio Source LLC. “Used fryer oil recycling and services”, Denton Biofuels LLC. “Biodiesel production and rendering” and Dieselgreen Fuels “Fuel delivery and fryer oil recycling”. Together we manage this waste product into a national resource from the moment it becomes waste until delivered to the vehicle using it for energy.


With locations in Denton Texas and Austin Texas, we service the entire state of Texas. When we say, “all of Texas”, that’s a BIG statement and we mean it. From McAllen to Amarillo, Eagle Pass to Texarkana, we have you covered.

Walter Dobson