Grease Interceptor Maintenance Program
Disposing of grease, oils and fats improperly turns municipal sewer systems into a greasy underworld. Not only are these smelly messes hazardous to public health, they can make a mess of streets, or even back up into your restaurant and shut you down. Most cities proactively prevents problems before they happen, by requiring restaurants to keep their grease interceptors in good working condition.

Here’s what you must do to comply with the ordinance:

• Have your grease interceptor pumped at least once every 90 days.
• Use a company permitted by the city.
• Sign the manifest (or trip ticket) provided by the maintenance company for each pump-out, and keep it on-site for at least three years.
• Do not use additives in your grease interceptor unless you receive written authorization from the city.
• Maintain your grease interceptor in effective operating condition.

A City industrial pretreatment inspector will visit your restaurant to verify that your grease interceptor is serviced at least once every 90 days. The inspector can issue a notice of violations and citations for:

• Failure to service your grease interceptor at least every 90 days
• Not having manifests on-site
• Using a non-permitted transporter

25 Percent Rule
Most cities require that all grease interceptors must be pumped at least once every 90 days, or when the grease and solids reach 25 percent of the wetted height of the interceptor. Using a long pole, an inspector will measure the layers in your interceptor.


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